Garage Door Buying Guide

The color and style of your garage door will have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. A garage door is a complicated system so you should really consider a lot of things when you purchase one. Read the following.  

Garage Door 

Garage Door Construction 

Steel garage doors are the most economical and common garage doors in the market. There are painted steel garage doors available from the factory, but if you want to match the color with the color of your home, you can purchase the bare-painted one. The three types of garage door constructions to choose from are single-layer doors, double-layer doors and triple layer garage doors.  

The single layer garage door is usually stamped from a single sheet of galvanized steel. Among the steel garage doors, this is the most economical. Most people prefer it. The double layer door has galvanized steel skin on its outside and polyurethane as its backer. The polyurethane acts as the additional insulator to the door or even soundproofing feature. The triple layer has the same material as the double layer doors but it has an addition of galvanized skin on its inside. This is the strongest among the steel garage doors. It also offers thicker insulation for the space.  

Garage Door and Sizes 

When you purchase a garage door, determine first what kind of size you need. Measure your existing garage door; get the width, height and thickness. Take your measurement to professionals of Garage Door Repair in Lawrenceville GA. Next thing to do is choose the style that matches your home. You can add panel design to add some style of the garage doors. You can choose from carriage panels, flush panels, long raised panels and shot raised panels.  

Carriage house panels are inspired from panels you see from carriages, it adds character to the traditional panels of garages. The flush panels are slightly textured and flat panels that complement the wall area of the garage. Long raised panels that give distinction and depth to the door, which also improves the homes’ curb appearance. The short raised panels are excellent choices for those who live in Victorian-style homes.  

Garage Door Part and Accessories 

It’s now time to think about the parts and accessories you want your garage door to have. The easiest to upgrade is the door hardware. You can add handle sets, hinges and simulated windows. There are also home automation systems you can install that will provide you with more security. There’s a garage door controller that allows you to open and close the door using your phone. There’s also a garage door tilt sensor which tells you if the door has been opened or closed.  

Garage Function 

Think about what you’re going to do with the space. Some people use the garage as a study area, workshops, playrooms, laundry rooms or a stocking place. If you’re also one of them, make sure you purchase a door that maintains a comfortable temperature for everyone.  

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